Supporting local businesses during Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown can be a challenging time for everyone. Businesses are reshaping and rethinking – adding e-commerce to their websites, adding delivery services and products. According to a recent article in the Irish Times by Karl Stewart “the pandemic is set to result in long-lasting changes to consumer behaviour” as well.

With the landscape of business and consumer behaviour changing how can you support your favourite local businesses during the crisis?

Support businesses by:

  • Placing an order. The 3FE website has probably been getting more hits since lockdown than ever before. I’m seeing lots of people online buying, not only coffee beans but, Aeropress, cafetière and Chemex so they can brew at home. Breadmaking, baking, knitting, crafting, jigsaws and home gym equipment seem to be on the rise too. So, when you are placing orders for baking trays, ingredients, wool and art supplies see if there’s an Irish business you can buy from and support locally.

  • Following on social media. It might be a small gesture but even the act of showing solidarity with a follow may help boost a company or brand’s morale to keep going.

  • Leaving a comment, review or messages of support. Leaving a review on Google, Just Eat, Trip Advisor or Facebook for your favourite businesses can be so helpful. Even comments and messages of support can lift spirits at times like this. Why not use your extra time to write something positive about your favourite venue, takeaway, restaurant or coffee shop.

  • Buying a voucher. Creative agency H&G Creations are asking their followers to buy a voucher for a future event. Sinead from H&G Creations says, “why not show someone who might be a little lonely that you're thinking of them, why not treat a friend or family member you can't wait to spend time with when we come out the other side of this. Why not show some love to a front line or essential work so they have something to look forward to when we get out of this together.” All gift vouchers can be used towards the full or partial purchase of all future H&G events – everything from fancy parties, dinner parties and everything in between.
    Shells Cafe, Strandhill, Sligo are also offering coffee vouchers so you can meet someone when Corona passes for a latte or flat white. Jane from Shells says, “these teeny tiny cutey coffee cards have just been loaded to our website. The perfect little love letter for that special person in your life.”

  • Giving them a shout out. The simple act of giving a brand or business a shoutout online might give them a boost and may encourage one of your followers, family or friends to spend with them.