Simple ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts

By Fodhla O'Connell-Grennell

2020 has been the quickest year of many people’s lives. As Christmas is nearing, many people have begun thinking about the gifts they are going to buy their loved ones. For some people, this is an easy task, but for others, Christmas shopping is the most stressful point of the holidays (unless you are the one cooking the Christmas dinner). With Sustainable PR’s clients offering great ideas for gifting, I am happy to share some of my favourite bits which are all available to buy online.

Recycled sunglasses

Whether it is for my birthday or for Christmas, I love being given sunnies. Although I don’t own a pair myself, Crann’s sunglasses are definitely high up on my list. Made from recycled materials, they have endless options to choose from and an easy gifting section on their website too. Not only that, but a percentage of their sales go to the Native Woodland Trust. Just a hint, if you have me for a Kris kindle, I would check this family-run business out!

Soy candles

Another website with a fun gifting section is reuzi. After talking to someone who previously owned her own soy candle business, I have been making a huge effort to try find some fragranced soy candles to buy online. It didn’t take me too long to find out that one of my favourite companies stocked them. With flavours ranging from rosewood and ylang ylang to lavender, there are so many scents to choose from. I personally love the jasmine and cedarwood candle. This is an eco-friendly and affordable idea that will put a smile onto your loved one’s face.

Gym clothes

Forget the big brands, and check out Organic Movement. Even though the gyms are closed, owning fresh set of gym clothes for when they reopen is the way to stay motivated. Personally, I bought the sea blue leggings and the matching sports bra during the first lockdown and I have barely taken them off me. They are so comfortable (and easy to get on – win) that if I see they are in the wash, I am discouraged from going to the gym! Hopefully by Christmas time, the gyms will be reopened and I will definitely be purchasing more leggings before then (so get your gift quick).

An experience

Rather than buying an item, why not buy an experience? With a taster of staycations this summer, why not plan more trips in Ireland for next summer. We are a small island, but there is plenty to see and Sligo Tourism is here to help with many affordable offers for individuals, couples, families and friends. Tailor your trip to how you would like it by visiting their website and planning your trip now. I know that no matter what happens, you will find me on Ireland’s west coast next year.

Personalised bamboo toothbrush

Ok, I know that getting a toothbrush might not be the most exciting Christmas present ever, but bambooth are working hard to make it cool. We use toothbrushes everyday of our lives so why not make a family member or friend’s more fun? Change the colour of the bristles and handle, add some text and change the size so that the toothbrush is perfect for them. Hey – it might be the first thing some people look at in the morning, so why not add something like ‘smile’ or ‘have a good day’ to set up somebody’s day the right way!

These are only some of the many great gifting options offered by Sustainable PR’s clients. I would definitely recommend checking out their websites and even seeing what items or experiences will be the best for whoever you are gifting.