How to create your brand’s mission statement

By Fodhla O'Connell-Grennell

A mission statement is usually three or four sentences encapsulating why your brand is unique. It includes information about why your brand exists, what your goal is, what kind of products and/or services you are providing, identifying your customers and/or market and your location. It is optional to include your company’s values or even your vision for the future. This statement is viewed by your customers or clients at a prime location on your website or on your business cards.

This statement should be made by the leading voice of your brand, not an external party. The aim of the statement is to communicate your desires for your brand to stakeholders, consumers, clients and employees. The goal of the mission statement is to be consistent over a period of time; it focuses on the long-term goals of your business. The statement is not to be confused with a vision statement, which is more future-focused than a mission statement.

There are three key elements to a mission statement: Identifying the market, contribution and distinction. The market is your target consumers or clients, the contribution is your product or service and distinction is why your brand is unique and should be chosen over your competition. All of these categories are usually written in the present tense.

The benefits of using a mission statement are that you are clearly outlining the purpose of your business. It is a great tool for connecting your stakeholders to your business’ progression; removing any doubt they may have about your brand reaching its goals. It is also useful as a point of assurance that your business is staying in line with its values and that the decisions you make are beneficial to your business.

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